A Witch, A Watch Game

Jane Maddin
1st Orleans Pathfinders
Queenswood District
Ottawa Area, Ontario

Equipment: Two things to hand around. NOT related to witches or watches!! (I use two small pieces of sanded wood - they can't break and if I lose them they are easy to replace!)
Age: 9 and up
Number of participants: 10 and up.
Source: City of Calgary Parks and Rec taught this one to Roxanne who brought it home to me!

Rules: Everyone sits in a circle. One person leads the game. That person has the two articles, and she starts one side at a time. First, she hands out one article to her left and says to the person who takes it, "This is a witch." That person takes the article and says, "A what?" The leader repeats, "A witch." That person nods, and then hands the article to her left and says, "This is a Witch." The person taking it says, "A what?" and she turns back to the person who gave it to her and repeats, "A what?" and the leader says "A witch!", she turns to the person who has it now, and says, "A witch."

So as the article goes around the words "A what?" goes back to the leader, one person at a time, and the answer, "A witch!" goes back person by person.

But that wouldn't be complicated enough, now would it?

As the second or third person to the left is getting the witch, the leader turns to the person on her RIGHT and says, "This is a watch!" and that person says, "A what?" and she says, "A watch!"

Multi-tracking personalities are a help!!! The game usually goes to pieces at the place where the watch and witch cross. I usually stop it by then, everyone is confused and laughing, so they had fun, which is the point of most of the games they like.

Oh, and I usually pass the Watch on the side that I where my watch on - that way, at least I don't completely mix myself up.

Good luck. Hope you enjoy this one as much as my girls have.