World Centre Jeopardy

Kathryn Lake Hogan
Division International Advisor
Guider, Company 91 Guides
Central District, Webster Division, Trillium Area
Windsor, ON, Canada

This version of the game is best suited for Guides and Pathfinders, however it can be changed and adapted to Brownies.

How to Play:

Divide the girls into 2 or 3 teams. The first girl in each team approaches the Guider. The Guider reads the "question" on the card. The first girl to put up her hand, gets to answer. Her "answer" must be phrased in the form of a question (What is...?). If she does not respond correctly (either she forgot to phrase her answer in question form, or her answer was wrong), the other teams have an opportunity to respond. Once the question has been answered, the girls go to the back of the line, and the next group of girls comes forward.

Continue playing until all questions have been answered. Points may be awarded for each correct answer. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.

World Centre Jeopardy

1.This woman donated "Our Chalet" to the Girl Guides. Who was Mrs. Helen Storrow from the USA?

2.This World Centre is located in Pune, India. What is "Sangam"?

3.Pax Lodge is located in this city. What is London, England?

4.The name of this World Centre is a Sanskrit word which means "going together". What does "Sangam" mean?

5.Guides can swim, study arts, and crafts, and attend seminars at this World Centre. What is "Sangam"?

6.These two World Centres have pools. What are "Our Cabana" and "Sangam"?

7.To reach this World Centre, you must hike 30 minutes uphill from the village of Adelboden. What is "Our Chalet"?

8.At Our Chalet, the main activities in the summer and winter are these. What are hiking and skiing?

9.Guides and Girl Scouts staying at Our Chalet must be at least this age.

What is twelve years old?

10.This World Centre opened in 1991 in London, England. What is "Pax Lodge"?

11.The number of World Centres. What is Four?

12.The names of the World Centres. What are "Our Chalet", "Our Cabana", "Pax Lodge" and "Sangam"?

13.Money for the conference room at Pax Lodge was pledged and raised by Guides from this country. What is Canada?

14.This was the name of the original World Centre. What was "Our Ark"?

15.This world centre was renamed "Olave House" in 1963, in honour of Lady Baden-Powell. What was "Our Ark"?

16.Each visitor to this World Centre, spends a day providing a program of games and activities for small children for the "Village Service Project". What is "Our Cabana"?

17."Our Cabana" is located in this city. What is Cuernavaca, Mexico?

18."Our Chalet" is located near this city. What is Adelboden, Switzerland?

19.The name of this World Centre means "small cabin by a stream". What is "Our Cabana"?

20.You must be a member of this organization in order to visit a World Centre. What is the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts?