Yellow Fish Painting Experience

Lucy Dyment

Just wanted to let you know that today my Sparks - 8 of them painted yellow fish. We worked in teams of 6. Tried (key word) to have 3 adults and 3 kids. Each team painted about 25 fish. We did it for about 1 hour and 20 minutes. Sort of run out of street - where do you go that is not too busy or not walking same street as other group. Next year I am going to do a bit more planning and have street names for each group to do. (Or something like that).

Did not get to many parents volunteers but 2 ladies from the Group that I had gotten information from and the painting kits, came also. One of them took pictures for the local newspaper.

I had made cupcakes with white icing and yellow fish (done in gel) on top, and juice to drink. The weather was cool (warm jacket weather). I think the girls had fun.

I am going to do it again next year may try to get older girls involved such as Guides. I will be a Brownie leader next year so we shall see.