Created July 19, 1997 - Last updated October 11, 1999

Compiled by Jennifer Walker, Edmonton AB

These pages are a collection of information about young Guiders throughout the world, the programs available in different countries, the obstacles they face, and the support they have from their organizations. I started off by considering young Guiders to be ages 18 to 30, as this is the age group for Link in Canada, but I am now also including the younger age group/Senior Branches as well, as some countries have Rangers from ages 14 to 25.

Some definitions to help you out in your exploration of these pages.

General Comments by and about Young Guiders.

WAGGGS's commitment to Young Women in Guiding. 

Webrings about Older Girls/Young Leaders: 

Older Girl Scout Webring
Young Leader Webring

And more information, by country, ...from other Young Guiders!



United Kingdom 

United States of America 

Other Countries - Finland, Ireland  , NZ , Singapore, South Africa

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