Last Updated: March 5, 1999

Compiled by Jennifer Walker, Edmonton AB

Senior Branches (updated)


Young Women's Caucus (YWC) 

Young Women's Caucus

National / Joan Howell Youth Forum 1992

The former National Young Women's Caucus had one of its priorities to try to get more structure to the Link program (not that there actually is a "link program"!). Before they were disbanded, they did manage to get the definition changed so that Link members could also hold other positions in guiding, so that those like myself who were Guiders could also be Link members to have contact with other young women in Guiding!

It is in my plans for the year to write to the appropriate National Service Group responsible for Link to ask what they have planned, and what has been done with the ideas put forward by the NYWC.

Alberta - disbanded in 1995

B.C. - disbanded in 1997

8 Jun 1997 - Just to update you, I just received a letter from Lorna Cameron, previous chairperson of the BC Young Women's Caucus, anouncing the disbandment of the BCYMC as of immediately. They decided they had fulfilled their goals and objectives and now the BC Link Coordinator will take over any of the leftover functions. - J. Wilson

Quebec -the only one still going!

-----I think that this is one of the goals of the Young Women's Caucus in Quebec: to pool together the young women and their resources and to let them know that there are others out there. This past year we have increased our membership list incredibly. Margaret and Patricia from the Chalet Area have really worked together to get to know the young women in their area.

----- Just a quick note to say that our Young Women's Caucus evening went very well. There were twelve people there( new additions). The crafts went over really well, but we ran out of time for singing. We played Noah and Black Magic (Thanks to Margaret for running those games). The food was excellent with an equal porportion of dinners & desserts.

----- The Quebec YWC is made up of a provincial rep, a deputy(s),and a rep from each area. Members of guiding between the ages of 17 & 30 are our target group. The events that we organize are strictly social put on by the YWC. We someimes run sessions at the provincial training days. When there is a need we advertise in the Trumpet (provincial newsletter) for the various postions. If we receive more than one application, then a vote is taken. The provincial commis. or on of the deputies usually sits in on our meetings. Mary (prov. commis.) came to our last evening and had a great time. The YWC has a vote on Provincial council as well as participates at the Standing Committee heads meetings. The area reps have a vote in their respective area councils.

We are fairly active with the training day, our bulletin, evenings and bi-monthly meetings to keep everything together. I find that the provincial council is very supportive of the YWC in Quebec and help us out with many of our questions. Our list of young women is growing and the YWC is now a name that is heard in almost all districts.

Jennifer Cessford

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