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CyberRose GuideZone Committee


You are blood-line of this web site. You get ideas from thousands of people the Guide Zone team will never meet. You are hit with inspiring uses of paperclips when you can't sleep. You look through this web site and find ways to use the information.

We need you to pass along ideas to us. We need you to let us know how you adapted or use an activity from this site to help a Junior Leader, or work on a badge with your Guide company.


1. You can let us know when a section of this web site helped you to complete part of your program.
This is very important as we expect this to become a very major part of our website... Help with a Brownie Key. Help bridging to Guides. Help with a Gold Camp. Help for new leaders...etc

If you turned something listed into part of a badge, and the activity is not linked in the program section of your country, please let us know!

2. You can let us know when something isn't working, or we're doing a great job, or you're going to link to the Guide Zone from your web page
This is a very faceless task. We can't see how excited you are when the exact craft you're looking for loads up. We can't see how disappointed you are when something isn't quite right.

Feedback is ALWAYS welcomed and appreciated here.

3. You can give us content. You can send GuideZone your contributions as a text file in notepad/wordpad or Microsoft Word. If it is a large file please send it as a zip file.

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